The Hacker Club

Join the most advanced Fab Lab today and be part of the next manufacturing revolution. Members receive preferential pricing and lead-times on all standard MFL equipment and services. This includes our CO2 Laser Cutting System, IR Laser Marking System and 3D Printer.

Prices start at billed quarterly with automatic renewal.

Special Hourly Pricing for MFL Members include:

  • Co2 Laser Cutter: $35/hour
  • Laser Marking System $35/hour
  • 3D Printer: $15/cubic inch

Why Join the Club?

  1. New standard MicrFab Lab equipment will be added on a regular basis.
  2. 10% off all other services including Potomac Photonics R&D projects.
  3. Member's only "MFL Happy Hour" -> use our CO2 Laser Cutter and Laser Marking System at no cost between the hours of 4pm and 5pm Monday - Friday!

Benefits of a Hacker Club Membership

  • Access to Hacker Club equipment such as Laser cutter, Laser Marker and 3D Printer at a reduced rate.
  • In many cases we will laser cut your parts for FREE if you upload your drawing in the "Free Templates" section or purchase materials from our store.
  • Quick turnaround time time
  • Our Team of Experts will run the parts for you to ensure the most optimal results.
  • All that is required to get started is a drawing.

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