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We’ve been in the microfabrication business since 1982
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Two Options for Each Job Get You Started Fast

Option 1: Standard We’ve produced thousands of custom jobs over the years, and we know what it takes to produce parts to your exact specifications. With our Standard Option, you get the full “white glove” treatment for your project: upfront consultation, custom set-up, and our 100% guarantee.

Option 2: Fast Track Machining Option: Allows you to directly upload your drawing and reserve a standard set-up to get your parts fabricated quickly and cost-effectively.  If you choose this option, we guarantee that we will start the project within 5 days of when the order is placed or you will get a 50% discount.


Streamlined Quoting Process

With your MicroFab Lab account you can quickly submit the details of any project to our expert technicians. We’ll return your custom estimates online, often within hours – once you select your estimate, you can easily pay online, and we’ll lead you through our quality control process to ensure that your job starts quickly and is completed to your satisfaction!

In addition, the MicroFab Lab has partnered with leading vendors to carry materials, products, and advanced manufacturing capabilities that can be purchased directly from our website.


Not sure which option is best?
Don’t worry. We’ll help you.

The MicroFab Lab is committed to your success.   In general, if you have custom parts that have tight tolerances and complex features we suggest you start with a Standard Project so that MicroFab Lab team can guide you through the process, ensure your drawing is scaled correctly and help you choose the best equipment for the process.

However, if you have less demanding tolerances, do not need our Engineers to review your drawings or just want to quickly test the capabilities of one the MicroFab Lab tools, you can choose the Fast Track Option which allows you to directly reserve a piece of equipment and upload your drawing into our project queue.


“I have received the new Hummingbird tarsus gauges and just can’t think of enough good words to say about them. I checked out a couple with my measuring  magnifier and they are absolutely perfect! The quality and precision of the cuts of the new gauge are so superior to the original gauge it’s striking. I can’t thank you and your team enough for creating this tool for us.” – Lee, Hummingbird Research