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MicroFab Lab is a one-stop shop for microfabrication. We offer everything except for the playful water-cooler banter.



We know it takes more than a machine to build a part. It’s why we offer a
full range of affordable support services, materials, and training to make
your vision a reality.


The MicroFab Lab can micromachine almost any type of polymer material both large and small – down to a micron. We can fabricate custom plastic parts, pattern metalized plastics, precision cut polymers/plastics sheet, polymer circuit excision, small hole drilling in almost any type polymer material, blind channels and holes. We stock many polymer materials and if we don’t have it, we can easily order it.


MicroFab Lab can machine extremely small and precise features in all types of metal materials and thicknesses. We know that many factors determine the appropriate machining technology to use when fabricating parts in stainless steel including the thickness of the part, the desired feature sizes, and the cut quality requirements. Our experts will help you every step of the way.


MicroFab Lab can process many types of ceramic and crystalline substrates including alumina, silicon nitride, silicon, diamond, and sapphire. In many cases, laser processes are the only way to precision machine these difficult materials. Depending upon thickness of the substrate, feature sizes can be as small as 25µ. The MicroFab Lab can laser machine through-holes, blind holes, channels, slots, and other geometries in both flat and 3D substrate configurations.