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How We’re Different

We’ve Been On the Cutting Edge Since 1982

The MicroFab Lab was built by the respected micromanufacturer, Potomac Photonics.



Potomac Photonics, the company behind MicroFab Lab, is a leader in microfabrication offering prototyping to production. Using cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Potomac has been recognized by both commercial and government agencies for innovation in industries including medical devices, electronics, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing.

It has helped many companies create specialist miniature devices. Advances in technology have slashed many of the expensive and cumbersome components of micromanufacturing. The MicroFab Lab is at the cutting edge of this evolution and revolution.


The best part about the MicroFab Lab is its accessibility. Anyone can reserve time on our world class equipment and get access to certified engineers as part of the process. All you need is your design!


A previous barrier to creating a micro device has been knocked away. We’ve slashed the costs of expert micromanufacturing to as low as $80.00 an hour. There are no set up fees or hidden costs.


Before your device leaves our facility it’s put through a rigorous testing process. If it’s not 100% precise, as specified in your design, we do it again. That’s our guarantee to you. Our quality assurance process is top notch.


It really is affordable manufacturing at your fingertips.

The team at Potomac Photonics has been in the micromanufacturing business since 1982. Their combined expertise and know-how, and world class equipment are now available to you at the click of a button and at a fraction of the cost. Simply reserve your time and be taken step-by-step through the process of creating your device. Thousands of others have made their design a reality. Now, it’s your turn.