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Affordable Manufacturing

Equipment + Expertise + Online Convenience

Our world class lab, stocked with the best equipment, delivers outstanding precision.



Having the best equipment and experienced engineers is key to any successful project. At the MicroFab Lab, we’ve combined decades of knowledge and millions of dollars of equipment with an advanced online interface to provide the best microfabrication experience.


Submit in Minutes – Receive an Estimate in Hours.

We make it easy to submit to us the details of your project – from drawings to material preferences, we’ll take your ideas and within hours provide you two quotes: a custom (standard) option and a low-cost “fast track” option.


Get Quality Materials from Our Store.

We have a range of quality materials available at our online store. Materials include acrylic, aluminum, brass, ceramic, Cirlex copper, glass, HDPE, Kapton, LDPE, molybdenum, nitinol, PCB, PEEK, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polyimide, polymers, silicon, silicon wafers, stainless steel, tantalum, and thermoplastics. Not on the list? We can order it in.


Manage Your Project, Online.

Our precision equipment is available at extremely affordable rates, and each job is backed by our experienced engineers and decades of low-tolerance, high-level manufacturing processes.