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When you work with the MicroFab Lab, you get access to experienced, passionate engineers who are committed to your project.



We’re talking top-of-the-range professionals that work on some of the world’s leading microfabrication projects. And they’re available for live chat around the clock. That’s right – 24/7!

Mechanical Engineers

Our mechanical engineers bring years of experience and know-how to their work at MicroFab Lab. Most have worked on the biggest micromanufacturing projects in the country, creating devices with microholes smaller than the size of a penny. Their deep understanding means your device will be created to exacting standards.

Electrical Engineers

The MicroFab Lab employs leading electrical engineers with significant experience. Each brings unique expertise to micromanufacturing with specialist projects under their belts. These years of experience mean they’ve seen it all, with an ability to troubleshoot and solve any issue. It’s their passion.


You can’t run a Lab without biochemists! MicroFab Lab is ideally suited for complex biotechnology parts with the capability to machine most materials, fabricate prototypes quickly and ramp-up to high volume manufacturing. Our biochemists work in microfluidics, drug discovery devices, leak test holes, and microarrays.

Not sure what expertise your project needs? No problem. We’ll help you.