1. Bryan

    I just wanted to say thank you from myself and everyone here. It means everything to us to make deadlines with some time to spare and you made that possible today. You and your team do exceptional work and we are amazed every time we get parts back. - Bryan

  2. Pontiac

    I mounted the arm in a vise, squeezed a push rod up to the inside where the hole was drilled, added some oil and blew air through it and snapped a photo. A picture is worth a thousand words. - Jim

  3. PotomacQR

    When I began my search for a company to laser mark QR codes for us, I wasn't confident I'd find the expertise required to produce what we needed. I feel fortunate to have found MicroFab Lab and hope to have them as a supplier and partner to our business for years to come. - Omar


    I have received the new hummingbird tarsus gauges - I checked out a couple with my measuring magnifier and they are absolutely perfect! The quality and precision of the cuts of the new gauge are so superior to the original gauge it’s striking. - Lee