1. University Prototyping Program

    MicroFluidic Tool for Sample IntroductionThe Spense Group at Michigan State University recently had the MicroFab Lab fabricate parts for their microfluidic research program.. Read More.

  2. Jhpiego

    Medical Device Prototyping – Jhpiego and Johns Hopkins UniversityThe MicroFab Lab recently completed for Johns Hopkins University and Jhpiego. . Read More.

  3. Arduino

    Worlds Smallest ArdiunoHow MicroFab Lab partner Potomac Mesosystems has successfully built the worlds smallest Arduino:. Read More.

  4. 1958 Pontiac

    Hole Drilling for a Classic CarHow the MicroFab Lab helped get a classic car back on the road!. Read More.


    Hummingbird Tarsi GaugeHow the MicroFab Lab recently helped Hummingbird Monitoring Network fabricate precision gauges to measure the tarsi of hummingbirds.. Read More.

  6. Microscopic Wedding Proposal

    Marriage ProposalHow Sundus used MicroFab Lab lasers to create a microscopic proposal for his girlfriend.. Read More.

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