When planning a hole drilling project, include the diameter of the hole, the thickness of the material, the shape of the hole, edge quality of hole, desired taper of hole, and center-to-center pitch of the holes. Our broad range of technologies allow us to drill angled and shaped holes on multi-axis drilling systems. We can drill different material thicknesses on high speed set-ups that drill thousands of holes quickly and repeatably.


    Recently Made in the Lab

    Small Holes in Tantalum
    500 Micron hole drilled at the tip of tweezers
    400 micron holes in 2mm thick stainless steel
    Metallized Kapton Tube
    custom made laser apertures made and used by Potomac Photonics CTO Dr. Greg Behrmann



    The MicroFab Lab is equipped with some of the most precise micro-CNC and micro-drilling equipment on the market.