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  1. Small Hole Drilling in Glass

    On-line Micromanufacturing

    Laser Cutting and Drilling

    3D Printing


    Laser Marking

    Hot Embossing

    Surface Patterning


  2. Miniature-Electronics

    Miniature Electronics Workshop

    Fine-feature conductors


    Smart sensors

    Miniature microcontrollers

    Design assistance

    Prototype development

    Manufacturing start-up

  3. LDPE Channels 2

    Microfluidic Workshop

    Microfluidic prtototypes

    System integration

    Manufacturing process development

    Biotech, pharmaceutical, renewable energy

  4. Rapid Parts



    • Rapid turnaround contract manufacturing
    • Prices start at $35/part
    • Email us your drawing today

  5. EDU Manufacturing Initiative

    mit ud v-tech uni-rochester
    uni-colorado arizona-state umich psu nc-state

  6. Recently Made Parts


    Small Holes in Silicon Nitride

Fabricate prototype parts from $30! Contact us today. Setup Your Account Now